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Insurance Industry Approved Trace & Access Leak Detection Experts in the UK

Insurance Trace & Access Specialists in the UK

SOS Leak Detection Ltd are the true pioneers in a full trace and access service for the insurance industry; in contrast to traditionally labour-intensive, disruptive and costly methods of large-scale excavation, we provide the best solution to finding hidden water leaks across the UK.

We fully understand the insurance sector and its unique situation, SOS Leak Detection Ltd focus efforts on maintaining the highest levels of communication, managing expectations at every stage, mitigating ongoing property damage and working hand in hand with our customers to try and avoid alternative accommodation situations wherever possible.

Acting with or without delegated authority as preferred, a specialised report will be created detailing the problem leading to the claim, expert findings on-site with backup photographs and clear and concise recommendations to resolve the situation in the most appropriate and cost-effective manner. Depending upon insurer requirements SOS Leak Detection Ltd can and do provide a same visit locate and fix service with the facility to collect both pipe repair contributions and policy excess.

With Trace & Access, Your Leak Detection Could be Paid for by Your Insurance Company

We recognise that your concerns might revolve around the potential expenses associated with leak detection and subsequent repairs. It's worth noting that many customers are often unaware that the process of identifying and exposing the leak is typically covered under your home insurance policy. In the majority of cases, your home insurance provider will typically handle the primary costs associated with plumbing services and necessary repairs once your insurance claim has been settled.

This coverage usually falls under the category termed "Trace & Access" within insurance policies. If your policy includes this provision, it's highly likely that your home insurance company will reimburse the fees for our services through your insurance claim. Rest assured, we furnish you with a comprehensive and detailed report, complete with transparent pricing, which can be utilised for any insurance claims that may arise.


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What is Trace & Access Cover & What Does It Include?

Trace and Access coverage holds significant importance within your home insurance framework. Generally, it is incorporated into standard home insurance policies; nevertheless, it's advisable to confirm with your insurance provider regarding the inclusion of trace and access coverage in your policy. This feature serves to cater to the often substantial expenses associated with the investigation and localisation of leaks within a property. Depending on your specific insurance policy, it might also encompass the costs linked to repairing the leak, making it worthwhile to inquire in detail.

While insurance policies can vary, the Trace and Cover section of your policy typically encompasses:

  • The actual process of searching for and pinpointing the origin of a leak within your home.
  • Gaining authorised access to the relevant areas to facilitate the necessary repairs.
  • Subsequent repair work is required to address the damage incurred due to the utilisation of water leak detection techniques employed during the initial leak identification phase.

What Does Trace & Access Cover Not Include?

The Trace and Access provision within your policy does not extend to covering the actual repair of the leak itself, as this aspect is usually addressed by your building insurance policy.

Furthermore, it's important to note that this coverage typically excludes water ingress originating from outside your property, except in cases involving the escape of water resulting from a burst pipe.

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Benefit from Our Insurance Trace & Access Expertise & Experience in the UK

When faced with the challenges of water leaks within your property, seeking the assistance of insurance trace and access leak detection experts can offer a range of invaluable advantages. SOS Leak Detection Ltd specialises in swiftly identifying and resolving leak issues while seamlessly navigating the intricacies of insurance coverage.

Here's why engaging our services can make a substantial difference:

Seamless Claim Process

We provide comprehensive reports with detailed findings, simplifying the insurance claim process and ensuring faster resolution.


Insurance Coverage Expertise

Our leak detection experts know the intricacies of insurance policies, ensuring that you maximise your entitlements and claim benefits effectively.


Timely Intervention

Swift leak detection mitigates potential property damage, avoiding prolonged issues that might escalate repair costs.


Prevention of Recurrence

By addressing leaks at the source, our experts help prevent future occurrences, enhancing the longevity of your property.


Minimised Disruptions

Expert leak detection limits the need for extensive excavation or intrusive repairs, minimising disruptions to your daily life.

Comprehensive Documentation

We provide detailed reports, complete with findings, photos and recommended actions, supporting your insurance claim effectively.


When grappling with the challenges of water leaks, the expertise and guidance of our insurance trace and access leak detection experts can be an invaluable asset. Their swift intervention, understanding of insurance intricacies and commitment to protecting your property ensure that your leak-related concerns are resolved efficiently, cost-effectively and with the least disruption possible.

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Why choose SOS Leak Detection Ltd for your insurance trace & access leak detection in the UK?

Most of our work comes from recommendations by existing customers, which is a testament to our level of service and workmanship.

  • Fully Qualified
  • Years of Experience
  • Friendly Team
  • All Work Guaranteed
  • No Call Out Charges
  • Competitive Local Pricing
  • Free Site Surveys
  • No Obligation Quotations
  • Fully Insured Local Company
  • Reliable & Trusted Staff
  • Multi-Award Winning Company
  • Highly Recommended

Considering all of the above, we remain the preferred non-invasive leak detection specialists in the UK.

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