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With an average of 20 years' experience, our highly trained technicians intrinsically know what is expected by the customer; they direct their focus on the most relevant tasks and have all the latest equipment and resources at their disposal to successfully handle every situation regardless of location, size and complexity in both domestic and commercial properties.

Using our experience, the latest proven scientific techniques and an array of advanced leak detection equipment, such as acoustic profiling, thermal imaging and tracer gas technology, our team of expert engineers can accurately identify the location of a hidden leak quickly, precisely and with minimal damage to the walls or floors.




All engineers will carry the following essential specialist equipment to source a leak / damp issue by non-destructive methods.
  • Tracer gas 

  • Acoustic ground microphones 

  • Correlators 

  • “Ferret“ leak locator 

  • Infra-Red cameras 

  • Salts and water testing kits 

  • Dye sample kits 

  • Moisture meters 

  • Endoscopes 

  • Pressure testing kit 

  • Pipe tracing detector 

  • Breakers and multiple hand tools 

  • Dehumidifiers

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