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Smoke is the perfect medium for discovering where leaks are and how big they are!

Filling a 'leaky' building, ductwork, pipes or containment area with smoke and ideally adding a small amount of pressure to the area being tested, will result in a visible discharge of smoke and simply put, the greater the volume of smoke, the bigger the leak.

SOS feedback “The use of smoke as a means by which to detect cabin pressurisation leaks has been shown to be extremely effective and versatile".

For the greatest efficiency, SOS uses a smoke with the longest possible hang time and the smallest particle size.

Smoke Testing 1.jpg

The SOS smoke applicator produces a non-toxic, food quality, intrinsically bio-degradable oil-based smoke. The resulting smoke barely evaporates, enabling dense smoke concentrations to be achieved and maintained in massive volumes, that would require up to 10 water-based systems to achieve comparable results. 

The smoke can be vented from the premises after a building envelope or leak test, leaving no signs or indication that a test has even been carried out. 

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