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Having helped thousands of property owners and managers detect hidden water leaks we know that an escape of water from a pipe leak or flat roof can be a distressing time. Using the correct technology and expertise SOS Leak Detection can reduce the stress, expense and disruption to your property or business, providing valuable peace of mind and cost control.​


Property Owners and Managers - SOS Leak Detection

In the event that your insurance policy does not provide cover for ‘trace & access’ SOS Leak Detection can provide a single solution of locating and repairing hidden pipe leaks to negate the risk of wasteful expenditure and save valuable time for all involved.


Providing a truly national coverage, our skilled engineers can be dispatched quickly and efficiently to locate and repair hidden water leaks and in most cases within the first visit. Our service provision and customer care are second to none which makes SOS Leak Detection the first-choice provider for residential and commercial water leak detection in the UK.


•  Commercial and Domestic property owners and managers including housing associations and facilities management companies

•  Insurers, adjusters and build warranty providers

•  Local and National Government including NHS Trusts

•  Building contractors, plumbing and heating engineers and property surveyors

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