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The art of leak detection is often compared to looking for that elusive needle in a haystack. Whilst many in the field may simply start by thrashing through the hay, the real progress comes when the right tools and more importantly the right skills and experience are added to the hunt.


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With an average of 20 years' experience, our highly trained engineers intrinsically know what is expected by the customer; they direct their focus to the most relevant tasks and have all the latest equipment and resources at their disposal to successfully handle every situation regardless of location, size and complexity in both domestic and commercial properties.


Using our experience, the latest proven scientific techniques and an array of advanced leak detection equipment, such as acoustic profiling, thermal imaging and tracer gas technology, our national team of expert engineers can accurately identify the location of a hidden leak quickly, precisely and with minimal damage to walls or floors.


Once the leak has been traced, we can immediately undertake the repairs and any mitigation drying to minimise disruption to your customer's home or business. At all times our team is alert to the importance of caring for the customer whist reducing costs and lifecycle of the claim which is so often a crucial component in the successful handling of these types of claims.

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