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Abstract Water


We at SOS Leak Detection understand our Health And Safety obligations with utmost priority and focus on reducing the risk for our clients and customers. 

Mould Decontamination - SOS Leak Detection

One area that is often overlooked by many suppliers is fungal / mould contamination. The risk and Health implications associated with mould spores and the possibility of these becoming airborne can be very serious and potentially life threatening to occupants with a respiratory condition, elderly and children.

With any escape of water and the right conditions mould spores will start to form and will continue to grow and spread. If not treated the contamination will become more serious over time.


We at SOS fully understand the damaging ramifications associated with these risks and will act to eliminate any further potential risk of health to the customer. We also consider the risk to the client if identified but not resolved by treatment.


Using the latest and tested chemicals and techniques we are able to treat any fungal contaminations swiftly and without any inconvenience to the customer upon our first visit.


By applying a treatment as soon as the fungal spores are identified will reduce any risks and give peace of mind to all parties involved by ensuring that correct Health and Safety practices have been performed.

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