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SOS Leak Detection are the true pioneers in a full trace and access service for the insurance industry; in contrast to traditionally labour intensive, disruptive and costly methods of large scale excavation, SOS Leak Detection provide the best solution to finding hidden water leaks across the UK.​



Because we fully understand the insurance sector and its unique situation, SOS Leak Detection focus efforts on maintaining the highest levels of communication, managing expectations at every stage, mitigating ongoing property damage and working hand in hand with our customers to try and avoid alternative accommodation situations wherever possible.


From within visit water, salts and asbestos sampling, great savings in time can be made whilst minimising policyholder inconvenience.


Acting with or without delegated authority as preferred a specialised report will be created detailing the problem leading to the claim, expert findings on site with back up photographs and clear and concise recommendations to resolve the situation in the most appropriate and cost effective manner.


Depending upon insurer requirements SOS Leak Detection can and do provide a same visit locate and fix service with the facility to collect both pipe repair contributions and policy excess.

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