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The Telescopic Roof Inspection Camera was developed principally for Roofers and Surveyors. The telescopic pole with camera enables you to take high quality pictures and videos at the touch of a button, streaming live images through the cameras own Wi-Fi network.

The camera is mounted at the top of a telescopic pole and is perfect for taking pictures and videos of roofs, gutters, valleys, defects, leaks and chimneystacks. It is the perfect tool for general roof or high-level inspections and storm damage surveys.


The camera is mounted at the top of the pole, whilst the device (mobile phone or tablet) is mounted at the hand-held end of the pole, allowing the user to control the lens using their device remotely via the lens' Wi-Fi connection.  


The roof height inspection survey camera equipment is very easy to operate by one person, and transporting and carrying is a simple task.  No need for ladders, scaffolds or teams of two.


This is a very cost effective yet hi-tech way to gain high quality survey footage with ease.  The telescopic inspection camera is far more practical than using cherry pickers, scaffolds or ladders at height.  

The camera can also be used where towers and scaffold are not accessible.


The telescopic pole can extend to up to 13 metres and the high-definition camera has a powerful zoom function so a thorough survey can be achieved.

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